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Swastik Synergy Engineering Pvt Ltd

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Swastik Synergy Engineering (SSE) manufactures various types of Fire Fighting Appliances and Trades in various firefighting equipment and safety products. SSE team consists of highly qualified personnel from fields of Engineering, Science, Management and Commerce. SSE total manufacturing and warehousing facility admeasures 1.6 Acers and is located at Ajivali, Khopoli-Pen Road, situated 75 kms from Mumbai.

Fire Extinguishers : Dry powder, CO2, Water, Foam, Clean Agent, Kitchen (class K), Metal (Class D), Higher Capacity Dry Powder, Automatic Modular. Fixed Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems : CO2, Clean Agent, Halon.

Test Equipment for Fire Extinguishers : Hydro Test, Crush Test, Pressure Cycling Test, Salt Spray Test, Vibration Test, Tapping Test, Temperature Test, Safety lock pin test.

Production Equipment for Fire Extinguishers : Powder filling machine, Nitrogen filling machine, Pneumatic Testing, Fire Extinguisher complete assembly line, Powder coating plant, Hot Phosphating plant, Welding fixtures.

Fire Extinguishers : Coated Body, valve, pressure gauge, hose, syphon tube, dry powder, belt, bracket etc.

Gas Systems : Seamless Cylinders, Pneumatic valve, gauge, Fe227ea gas, CO2 gas, Halon 1301 gas, hose, non-return valve, pressure switch, safety valve, battery frame, manifold, etc.

SERVICES : Hydro Test of Gas Cylinders, Filling of Gas Cylinders – CO2, Halon, HFC227, HFC236, Novec, Air etc, Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Halon Recycling, Fire Audits, Training on How to operate Fire Extinguishers, Training on Fire & Fire Fighting.