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Areva Industries

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About Us

“Areva industries developed by the motivation ot a word CONTRIBUTION.”

Areva Industries manufactures complete range of metal building systems including pre – engineered? buildings (PEB), all types Of industrial cranes, wire rope hoists with design, manufacturing and installations. Areva industries can integrate customer specified mezzanines, canopies in buildi in? design without sacrificing form or function.

Our team uses specialized sofiware packages and cuffing – edge computer hardware. Our cons sulannss can minutely analyses a 3D wireframe of the structure, giving them the ability to correct oversights and avoid costly mistakes even before the building phase commences. This affention to detail helps us to deliver the projects as per our agreement with the client.

Our longevity is evidence of a team that is motivated to succeed and dedicated to provide the best possible service. We blend hard work and commitment without compromising on qual[ty. As an organization, we have spread across south india and with the support of our people we cont iinue to explore more avenues around the nation to reach and to succeed.

Our Products

  • PEB Main Frame
  • Industrial Crane
  • PEB Accessories
  • Crane Accessories
  • Heavy Fabrication