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As a holding company for a consolidated entity of several wholly owned subsidiaries, Yamada Group (USA), Ltd. (“YGL”) has been in existence since 1987. With business investment presence in Hawaii (Oahu and Maui) and California, YGL, with the direction of Mr. Hideo Yamada, continues to seek opportune investment ventures to increase its portfolio. Mr. Hideo Yamada maintains a high level of expectation throughout and within its consolidated entity and has vowed to never wane in its inner beliefs and values.

Due to Mr. Hideo Yamada’s desire for success, YGL has had vast experiences in various investment opportunities, such as operations in self-storage, a wide variety of restaurants, strip malls, sod farms, residential and commercial rental real estate, construction and architectural firms, convenience stores, realty companies, botanical farms, and hotels. The knowledge that Mr. Hideo Yamada obtained from these investment ventures has made YGL what it is today. From these experiences, YGL has retained a strong hold on certain key assets – totaling approximately $125 million.

Philosophically, Mr. Hideo Yamada impresses the “hands-on” approach to manage and direct our business ventures. His goals are to exceed the expectations of our clientele, business associates and most importantly our employed staff members. He wants to instill extensive skills to encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, which includes business requirements definition, development of inspirational functionality, overall system design and the monitoring and overseeing of the development teams involved. Here at YGL, Mr. Hideo Yamada’s expectations are high and are proven to him by delivering results.