Wickham Hill Winery

Wickham Hill Winery

EST. 1960

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Established in 1960, Wickham Hill is a state-of-the-art Australian Winery committed excellence in winemaking, Steeped in History, Wickham Hill has been a key contributor to the Griffith Wine Industry.

In the 1980’s Pernod Ricard’s Orlando Wines bought the winery and transformed it into a world-class winery capable of crushing more than 30,000 tonnes of grapes. The Directors and Business Owners of Wickham Hill Winery are an eclectic, highly skilled and quietly ambitious group of individuals with experience ranging from a diverse field of industries including the wine industry. They saw the potential of Wickham Hill and purchased the winery in 2012.

They are fully invested, on all levels, in the future of not only Wickham Hill Winery but also the Australian Wine Industry both here and overseas. Since then, there’s been a substantial investment in the plant, equipment, technology and people, including change of Senior Management and the recruitment of specialised staff

From Vine to Wine

At Wickham Hill, we believe winemaking is a mix of art and science, passion and logic and heart and mind. It is with this philosophy that we strive to excel in our craft. Naturally, it all starts with the vine. Our grapes are harvested from carefully selected vineyards in the heart of Australia’s premium wine regions. The robust traditional and modern viticultural practices work in tandem with the distinctive seasons, creating premium wines with strong regional characters.

Wickham Hill Winery is committed to investing in technology, equipment and its people. Our team is among the best combining expertise in winemaking, grower liaison, viticulture, cellar management and maintenance. It is with this versatile team that Wickham Hill is able to consistently deliver the highest quality, and continues to invest and evolve to remain a market leading wine production and winemaking service brand.