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Vijaya Engineering College

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Vijaya Engineering College, situated amidst the plush greenery of Ammapalem Village, near Thanikella (Konijerla Mandal), Khammam District, very far from the unhealthy lifestyles, excessive pollution, unbearable noise distractions, etc. of the urban areas, offers the engineering students with excellent education, to hone their technical skills, and make them successful in the engineering sectors. We are recognized as one of the prominent engineering colleges in khammam.

Located in a spacious 10.6 acres, Vijaya provides vast buildings to accommodate various classrooms, laboratories, computer centers, etc. Due to the imminent features available in our campus, the students are never out of any kind of academic facilities.

Since our inception in 2007, we have turned thousands of students into immaculate engineers. Our teaching staff, who got the highest educational qualifications and years of teaching experience, train the students to make them perfect in all the engineering aspects, and enlighten them with the necessary tips and tricks to help them perform excellently in the academics to acheive best results.