Vaagdevi College of Physiotherapy

Vaagdevi College of Physiotherapy

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Vaagdevi College of Physiotherapy, Ramnagar, Hanmakonda is under the aegis of Viswambhara Educational Society, Hanamakonda. This Society was established in the year 1993 with a view to impart standard higher education in the Telangana. The Board of Directors are an amalgamation of highly experienced senior citizens and dynamic youngsters.

The management is being guided by the most knowledgeable and experienced persons starting from those who had put in several years of Social Service in various capacities, as a Member of Parliament etc., to those who are seasoned professionals in engineering, medical and allied fields. This experience in diversified areas has been serving as a strong base to inspire the younger members of the management who are working hard with a vision.

The Society started first with a Degree College has gradually expanded itself to as many as 32 Colleges, to this date and is still expanding and strengthening to cater to the ever – growing academic needs and striving for Academic Excellence, in various fields of Higher Education.