Tikaram Jagannath College of Arts, Commerce and Science

Tikaram Jagannath College of Arts, Commerce and Science

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The roots of Khadki Education Society run deep, which were sown by a few restless minds in the shape of Alegaonkar Brothers, who hailed from Daund and were toiling in the Ammunition Factory at Khadki. The illiteracy of the masses was the stumbling block in the prosperity of the people and Alegaonkar Brothers were quick to pounce upon this dreaded enemy. This was precisely the driving force of the foundation of the Khadki Education Society. Navigating the cross-currents of the British regime, the establishment of the Alegaonkar School in 1913 was indeed an auspicious beginning of the academic movement with strong native moorings at the helm.

The pioneering efforts of Mr. Pandharinath Alegaonkar (Treasurer), Mr. Vishnupant Alegaonkar (Headmaster), Mr. Eknath Alegaonkar (Manager) and Mr. Mahadeo Alegaonkar (Superintendent) laid the tiny acorns of Khadki Education Society which has now grown into a big tree. Today, everybody associated with Khadki Education Society holds the contributions of Alegaonkars in high esteem, well, they lit the fire and their successors kept it burning!The motive of Khadki Education Society has been to provide quality education to those who are deprived of education. In this mammoth work, the sturdy support from late Mr. Dutto Waman Potdar, Advocate Patwardhan, Mr. Hormasji Merchant, Comrade Prabhakar Mankar, Mr. Jawagiwar, Mr. Chaskar, Dr. Fredricks, Mr. Shashikant Kadam (M.L.A.), Mr. Kachhushet Gujar, Mr. Krishnarao Kotarwar, Mr. Manikshet Gandhi, Mr. Nimalsahib was invaluable to see the Khadki Education Society marching ahead with gusto. The stellar role played by Ms. Gulubai Mulukh Irani in making available a six¬ acre land to the Society on 99 years lease was indeed a hefty contribution that materialized the dreams of Alegaonkar Brothers.

The first school of Khadki Education Society was a trend-setter to leave some wonderful imprints on the sands of time. A credit in a large measure goes to Ms. Sindhutai Mankar who was the first Headmistress of the Girls School. While the primary school was headed by Mr. Madhukar Nirpharake, the secondary school was distinctly fortunate to have Mr. Nimbalkar and Mr. Purandare who led the academic movement from the front.The development graph of Khadki Education Society has climbed to a new height. The entire academic fraternity under the tutelage of Khadki Education Society is working like a busy bee! The Khadki Education Society has the following institutions under its umbrella, which cater to the hopes and aspirations of many localities as well as students coming from far flung areas of Maharashtra.


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