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EXPERIENCE A DIFFERENT DIMENSION TO DESIGN & CREATIVITY. We aren’t afraid to venture deep into creative space to extract ideas for your brand. No matter the media or mode of communication, we have explored it all. We offer universal Advertising and Brand Consulting Services. We provide branding, concept & digital media strategies.


DESIGN SERVICES : Breaking the clutter calls for reaching high in space without limits. And this journey, though a bit turbulent, is necessary. We at The Spaceship are expert astronauts. Using creativity, we help your brand navigate its way to uniqueness. Outdoor, Campaign, Print, Radio, Space and Digital, we don’t have any limitations.

IDENTITY DESIGN : A Logo creates a universe of its own by portraying the values and personality of your brand. Setting the tone of your brand and evoking specific feelings in your audience. We design your brand identity to communicate your brand’s overall message and promote your business goals.

BRANDING & STRATEGY : Banking on years of experience, expertise and research, we formulate unique, insightful strategies. Leading to identification of white spaces in the market with a communication stand point and appropriate creative messaging.

SPACE BRANDING : Zeroing is on the available White Spaces in the communication domain, directly leading into precise and clutter breaking designing and appropriate brand positioning expressed in names, symbols and designs. Design uses space of the brand to create a brand space of its own with interiors, lighting, graphics and landscape.

PACKAGING DESIGN : We create impactful design ideas that enable you to manifest and leverage your core business objectives by strategic innovation and design interventions. Our catalyst efforts help you enhance your brand and product performances, resulting into business growth and efficiencies.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING : Social Media Marketing allows your brand to create conversations in a targeted market segment, facilitating greater brand awareness and thus adding measurable value to your brand. We study your product and draw up a Buzz Marketing Strategy based on market pulse, top influencers, top buzz centers and changing market sentiments via your brand.

RESPONSIVE WEBSITES : We begin our web development process by analyzing the crucial goals which your site needs to achieve in alignment with your overall strategy. By building response paths that lead your visitors towards the goal, which betters your business, your tailor-made site delivers the results you need, instead of merely existing in cyberspace as just another digital brochure. With the experience and expertise to design a website that fits your needs and your budget.

SEO & CONTENT MARKETING : We are astronauts. And we have stories to tell. In today’s day and age, it’s not just about selling your product to your customers. It’s about making them relate to your brand, by showing them the story behind your brand. Meaning, we create content that is unique to your brand and relevant to your target audience. It could be any kind of content- blogs, social media, e-mailers, websites etc but it will be one of a kind. SEO or search engine optimization is a major part of content marketing. Using SEO strategies, we ensure that the content we create is visible to your online audience. When someone Googles your brand or something related to it, they should be able to spot you in the search results. Needless to say, better visibility leads to more business.

EVENTS AND EXHIBITION DESIGN : An exhibition is a great place to meet people face-to-face, be it new customers, vendors or just useful industry contacts. However, it’s also a place where your brand can get lost in the crowd. Within a few seconds, your brand has to appeal to the customer enough for them to walk up to your stall and take a look. And all this needs to be done with your fiercest competitors right next to you. Sounds a little daunting? That’s where our designing expertise comes in. Using an appropriate mix of intelligent layouts, colours, imagery and other design elements, we design bespoke events, exhibitions and promotion collaterals. As a professional advertising agency we maintain an intense level of class and consistency to help create the right presence for your brand in an exhibition.

PPC MARKETING : As astronauts, we have to value our resources, and we’ll do the same for you. Pay per click marketing allows you to choose who gets to see your ad and you pay for it, only when someone clicks on the ad. It is one of the most cost effective ways to market your brand and you have the privilege to set your own online marketing budget. That apart, our space crew will measure your campaigns effectiveness. PPC marketing also creates brand awareness for potential new customers. The only catch in all of this is that it has to be done right. For today’s customers, there is no dearth of options. Our crew works towards making your brand, the only option.

MEDIA PLANNING AND BUYING : Would you like to display your brand on the radio, print media, online or on hoardings? Which medium will have the largest reach and return on investment? How long should you be running campaigns? These are just some of the questions that our team will help you answer. Once we help you get clarity on that, we proceed to media buying. As the name suggests, it is the actual implementation of these answers. Which newspaper is giving you the maximum space for the least cost? Can the price of a hoarding be negotiated if you buy it for a longer period of time? How often will the radio spot play? We talk to media houses for you. Networking, negotiating and acquiring – Our branding agency will handle it for you.

CORPORATE FILMS AND PRESENTATIONS : It is no secret that video content has always been very engaging. In cyber space too, it continues to prove its worth, with its popularity constantly on the rise. It is now, almost becoming a necessity for brands to have their own video content. And guess what? We can make it for you! Be it promotional films, explanatory videos, staff training videos, brand films etc. And along with video, it never hurts to have a presentation as well. So if you need either or both to impress a possible investor, or convince your management of a proposal or maybe just to inspire your employees, you’ve come to the right place.