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The new age enterprise has thrown open the doors to a world of seamless opportunities. Time and space barriers no longer hold any significance. Thanks to the pervasiveness of IT and the advent of the Internet, there’s never been more to learn or to utilize or to provide. Knowledge, and its acquisition, is at hand.

It is indeed heartening that India has kept pace with the sweeping charges in the global economy. Throwing open its doors to globalization has meant the advent of multinational corporate giants. The Indian economy is already gearing itself, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to put up a fierce competition. Given our manpower and natural resources base there is little that can stop us from emerging winners. At TGV we aim to harness this power to bring our clients. Customers and associates closer to the line of satisfaction, without limits and restrictions.

Having proved our credentials as quality service / product providers in fields as varied as chemicals and hospitality, finance and healthcare, real estate and IT, we are all set to make our mark in the Power sector too. The success of our initial forays in this direction have invested us with the confidence to undertake projects of greater dimension and magnitude in the near future.