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Our Learn to Swim kids program gives uninterrupted learning for your children all year round. Star Swim Schools are accompanied 49 weeks of the year to support for consistent training and to present students with the possibility to grow through levels at a quicker rate. The Star Swim Schools provides you peace of mind that your kid will receive a high-quality swimming education.

Star Swim Schools is established upon the notion that water skills and safety are priceless life lessons for young Babies. You can look forward of getting quality training sessions and significant results from our commitment to offer a fun and developmentally befitting learn-to-swim ambience.

It’s important that every child learns aquatic skills and safety measures by taking part in learn-to-swim lessons. Star Swim School offers weekly baby swimming classes, all year, for children again from 4 months and up with the expertise of top rated instructors. Baby Swimming pool at our swim center have clean & warm pool water, we also have a recreational area to entertain accompanying children, temperature controlled changing rooms and professional customer service folks to tend to your needs & requirements. Our swim center is situated at Normandy St, Cranbourne, Australia.

Small class size

We, at Star Swim School, emphasize on having smaller groups of children to ensure that they get enough attention and care of the instructor that is necessary for their learning and development. It also improves the safety of the kids and helps them learn faster.

Heated pool

A heated, indoor swimming pool is a great choice for kids to practice swimming all year around. These heated swimming pools will help your kids become acclimatized to the pool water in a temperature controlled surrounding and it also eliminates the concern of your child catching a cold by a slight breeze when getting out of the pool. The water is maintained at a temperature between 32-33 degrees to keep the children comfortable and sick free.

Expert Swimming Instructors

They are passionate about teaching with your little one.Star swim teachers know every child by name and love talking to Mums and Dads about progress each class. We train our teachers to work with each child as an individual, resulting in progress and comfort compatible with the age group. Our teachers just love seeing smiling little faces in the pool at Star. And our competency-based program focuses on the joy of participation and parental engagement. Our teachers utilize a proven curriculum and methodology to successfully work with all personalities of babies and children.

We have small class size, warm water, and an environment of playfulness that encourages the children to go beyond their perceived limits. Children receive individual attention in a positive learning environment filled with praise and love. It all begins with building a strong bond of trust between the swimmer and the instructor. From this start, we add a carefully structured learning environment that allows the swimmer to be relaxed and comfortable around the water. Next, we add innovative teaching methods to keep learning fun and shorten the learning curve. Finally, we present knowledge and skills in a logical teaching progression so that one success builds upon another.