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About Us

Locally owned and operated, MI Organics provides the Mid North Coast with affordable landscape and building supplies. We have four outlets across the region, Boambee, Grafton, Woolgoolga and Townsend, and each store carries a complete product range.

Our regularly serviced delivery trucks enable us to deliver any size load of materials straight to your doorstep.

The staff members across the MI Organics stores all have several years of experience in the industry and can offer advice on almost any aspect of the products we have to offer. From what soil you should use, to the best type of sand for your retaining wall.

Whether you need some soil for your garden, or you’re after bulk landscape supplies for a commercial project, you’ll find it all at MI Organics. Contact our friendly team today.

Our Products


  • Cypress Chip
  • Cypress Mulch
  • Hardwood Chip
  • Hardwood Fines
  • Native Mulch
  • Pinebark (7mm)
  • Pinebark (15mm)
  • Pinebark Medium
  • Pine Sawdust
  • Red Diamond
  • Tea Tree Mulch
  • Uni Mulch


  • 20mm Aggregate
  • Bago Gravel
  • Crusher Dust
  • Dry Mix
  • Off White Quartz (10mm)
  • Off White Quartz (20mm)
  • Red Jasper
  • Red Scoria
  • River Pebbles (20mm)
  • River Pebbles (Small)
  • River Pebbles (Medium)
  • River Pebbles (Large)
  • Road Base
  • Sandstone (20–40mm)
  • Sandstone (40–80mm)
  • Smokey Granite (10–14mm)
  • Smokey Granite (40mm)
  • Valla Granite (20mm)
  • Marblestone (25mm)
  • Marblestone (50mm)
  • White Quartz (10mm)
  • White Quartz (20mm)
  • White Scoria


  • Mushroom Compost
  • Clarence Valley Compost
  • Poultry Manure (Screen)


  • Beach Sand
  • Coarse River Sand
  • Coarse Sand (Bowra)
  • White Brick Sand
  • Yellow Brick Sand


  • Weed Mats
  • Treated Pine Edging
  • Treated Pine Sleepers
  • General Purpose & Builders Cement
  • Jumbo Sugar Cane Mulch
  • Active 8 50l
  • Premium Potting Mix 60l
  • Tile Adhesive Adh-44
  • Tile Adhesive Adh-33
  • Tile Adhesive – Prolite
  • Tile Grout Grt-20
  • Tile Grout Grt-4
  • Waterproofing Wp-1


  • General Purpose Soil
  • Native Soil Mix
  • Potting Mix
  • Screened Soil
  • Supersoil Mix
  • Top Dressing Mix
  • Turf Underlay


  • General Firewood