Little Angel’s Nursery School

Little Angel’s Nursery School

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About Us

n Little Angels Nursery School, we take care of the kids and kids feel happy to join the school as the atmosphere is really welcoming. The environment makes them want to attend the school every morning. The classroom are spacious and full of toys and learning materials. Colorful books, craft material audio visual aids are used for effective learning.

We help every kid in learning to play , read ,write ,dance, sing and many other things to groom them in proper way. Our only motto is to focus on overall development of child. Our aims is to bring out the hidden talents of the little one and to develop courage and confidence by imparting quality of education to light their academic carrier.

We conduct various counseling sessions for parents to overcome the hurdles in their childs development. Parents are given guidance on how to make the learning experience enjoyable for their little ones.

Mock interviews is also arranged for the students to face the competitive world. Scientific projects are also arranged to satisfy their curious minds. various competition likes drawing, hand writing ,fancy dress etc. are being arranged to boast their confidence.