Kasturi Flour Mill Private Limited

Kasturi Flour Mill Private Limited

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About Us

Superfoods are known for many health benefits. For years, they have been a part of Indian food culture. A range of mouth-watering dishes have sufficed in Kasturi. We value the goodness that comes from tradition. Our range of flours has been sourced and hygienically packed to ensure you get the best nutrition.

With our years of experience and expertise in wheat and other staples, we offer a range of meals that are tasty and nutritious at the same time. The ingredients are thoughtfully nourished and have been processed within a wholesome category. Choose any variant and cook a delicious dish of your choice.

Our Products

  • Kasturi Chocolate Chhatua
  • Kasturi Mix Chhatua
  • Kasturi Sugarfree Chhatua
  • Kasturi Chana Sattu
  • Kasturi Select Chakki Atta