ITSPM Arts, Science and Commerce College, Indapur

ITSPM Arts, Science and Commerce College, Indapur

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About Us

ASCI College is situated right in the heart of the city. The campus is spread over 9.5 acres, which is right on the highway and very close to the Bhigwan Railway station. The nearest Airport to the college is the Baramati Airport which is about 50 kms from the college and is well connected by buses and local trains.

Our Courses

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications
  • Bachelor of English
  • Bachelor of Marathi
  • Bachelor of Hindi
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor of Geography
  • Bachelor in History
  • Bachelor in Political Science
  • Bachelor in Psychology
  • Bachelor in Chemistry
  • Bachelor in Physics
  • Bachelor in Zoology
  • Bachelor in Mathematics
  • Bachelor in Botany
  • Bachelor in Electronics
  • Bachelor in Statistics
  • Bachelor in Microbiology
  • Bachelor in Commerce
  • M.A. in Hindi
  • M.A. in Marathi
  • M.A. in Economics
  • M.A. in History
  • M. A./ M. Sc. in Geography
  • M.Sc in Physics
  • M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry
  • M.Sc in Organic Chemistry
  • M.Sc in Zoology
  • M.Com
  • M.A. in Political Science
  • Ph. D. In Physics
  • Spoken English
  • Tally
  • Soft Skill and Personality Development
  • History Writing
  • Water and Soil Testing
  • Snake Handling
  • Energy Audit
  • Human Right
  • Cyber Crime
  • Urdu Lipi
  • Mobile Reparing
  • Skill Development
  • GPS Mapping
  • Disaster Management
  • Modi Lipi
  • Bee Keeping
  • Making of Jadui Tokari
  • PCB Making
  • Cross Cutting Issues