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About Us

Fine Yarns provides world-class textile products and services to its customers. It is our aim to enable and be part of globally competitive, value conscious textile supply chains which are enduring and responsive.

We like to partner our customers…

Fine Yarns operates in businesses that are relationship based. Relationships based on service excellence, partnership and mutual understanding. We work to inspire trust in our customers and use the freedom they give us to deliver outstanding value. We are consistent in our behavior long after the customer considers us to be their vendor of choice.

The Fine Yarns service edge….

The best intentions need to necessarily be backed by performance. We make responsible commitments and take pride in consistently keeping them. The growth of the firm has been moderate and consistent which we believe has allowed us to keep our service levels consistently high across our businesses and customers. We are supplier friendly and try to work with suppliers who share our values. They play a crucial role in allowing us to keep our commitments and we believe we have over time built an outstanding network of suppliers.

We are cost competitive….

Our operational cost structure is low on account of a conscious effort to optimize use of resources. We work on an asset-light model adding fixed assets only when a compelling need arises. A debt free balance sheet helps keep our financial costs to a minimum. We have a competent and committed team of multitasking employees who are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that we deliver value with integrity.