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Kallam Textiles Limited is one of the largest producers of spun yarn for the knitting and weaving industries in the Andhra Pradesh. Offering a diverse product line to fulfill demands of customers worldwide, we have perfected our spinning processes by applying state-of-the-art automated technology and innovation to every phase of our yarn manufacturing process. We are recognized worldwide as the industry leader for spun yarns due to our continued focus on product quality and our commitment to extraordinary customer service.

Headquartered in Guntur, Kallam Textiles Ltd. was founded in 1994 by a group of managing partners with a desire to build a high quality yarn manufacturing company. While Kallam is a relatively young company in terms of textile firms, the management team of Kallam Spinning has many years of experience in the yarn manufacturing field. Starting with one open-end spinning facility in Guntur, the company, since its inception, has grown into one of the largest producers of 100% cotton and cotton-blend yarns in the world. Kallam Textiles believes the most important aspect of a successful business is its people. Quality and customer service are impossible without people.Development and implementation of technology are impossible without people. Efficient and safe operations of the plants are impossible without people. Kallam has worked very hard in putting together a team of managers, engineers, technicians, sales people, and production associates to lead Kallam in the 21st century. And while each individual contributor has a distinct and different role within the company, it takes EVERYONE at Kallam working together for the company to achieve maximum success.

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