Balion Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd.

Balion Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd.

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About Us

In the heart of Sindhudurg’s lush Konkan region, where coconut palms sway gracefully, lies a treasure – coconut neera. Balion Agrofoods is on a mission to unlock its potential for your well-being. With our roots deeply embedded in sustainability and innovation, we’re changing the game.

From nurturing coconut trees to crafting high-quality products like syrup, nectar, and vinegar, every step is about transparency and quality. We’re not just revitalizing the coconut sector; we’re shaping a healthier lifestyle for you and empowering our communities. Join us in savoring the goodness of nature, one coconut at a time.

Our Products

  • Coconut Vinegars
  • Coconut Sauces
  • Coconut Sweeteners