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Aptech International Preschool

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About Us

Aptech International preschool strives to create a smart, secure and stimulating learning environment for your child. Modern-day preschool programmes, finest pedagogy and an internationally acclaimed curriculum offered by our preschool focus on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of your child. We provide age-specific lesson plans for the preschoolers so that they can earn the necessary skills as they grow.

Aptech International preschool has been established to combat India’s early years of learning crisis. It does so by providing your child with a safe, secure & stimulating environment to foster the all-round development during their growing years.

Aptech Ltd. has over three decades of experience in imparting quality training to children as well as young adults across several cities in India and abroad. Aptech International preschool is just another wing on the Aptech umbrella that is thriving to deliver early childhood education with the help of modern-day preschool curriculum and well-crafted engaging programmes.