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About Us

andwemet is an Indian matchmaking service for single urban Indians living in India and from around the world who are looking for a long-term meaningful relationship.

Founded in 2019 to change the way people meet online, we have created a service that will build trust in online matchmaking. andwemet is for real people who are looking to build their relationships. It is unlike the swiping culture that is muddling the idea of romance and relationships.

We understand that finding the right partner can get immensely difficult. Which is why we have ensured that you are able to get to know a prospect match before you even speak to them. Our meticulous sign-up process gives you a detailed description about your match’s personality, including their inclination towards romance and intimacy, their values towards family, financial priorities, their interest in health and fitness, their deal-makers and more. And with our extensive process, privacy settings and secure gateways, we made sure you can trust the people you meet on our platform.

If finding a companion is one of your most important life decisions then at andwemet we have found a way to make it easier. The online service away from noise and peer pressure for all be it unmarried/ divorce/ separated/ widow individuals

andwemet is on a mission to build trust in Indian matching. It is a safe space that is dedicated to meaningful connections, whether it`s companionship, live-in or marriage that you’re looking for. We are here to help you start your romantic journey and we sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.