Zephyr Hair Co

Zephyr Hair Co

Redken Specialist Hairdressers in Kiama, NSW

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Zephyr Hair Co is Hairdressers in Kiama and we pride ourselves on delivering premium hair services in our comfortable welcoming space. We have a passion for making our clients feel the most welcome, we pride ourselves on the service we give to our clients. We first opened Zephyr Hair Co on Saturday the 21st of October, 2017, we will never forget our first week of being salon owners and having the privilege as we still do of having our very own clients wanting to come to “our” salon for our experience/services.

Our true goal in opening Zephyr Hair Co was to create a space where our clients could come to escape from their everyday life even if it is for 10 minutes or a few hours. When we first met each other we had an instant bond, we did things so similar yet so different. One thing we always did have in common was how much we appreciate our clients and love putting our time into every service. We are constantly learning off each other and our industry inspirations. In business there is always something new, it can be hard and it can be fun but we’ve found having each other has already made our journey so much more beautiful. We’ve created this salon for every single person who walks in our doors, our salon should feel like your own haven.

Come to Hairdressers in Kiama, take a seat wherever you like, take a pick from our exclusive drinks menu, help yourself to our cheeky little snacks then sit back and enjoy your experience at our sanctuary ZEPHYR HAIR CO.

Services we offer

  • Our Signature Foiling
  • Balayage specialists
  • All womens cutting/styling
  • Mens cutting
  • Education
  • One on one mentoring