Violin Technique With Karthick Iyer

Violin Technique With Karthick Iyer

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Violin technique with Karthick Iyer (VTWKI) is a scientific & systematic online learning method developed by him. It brings together the fundamental Carnatic curriculum with the best of Western violin techniques to enable a holistic learning experience.

Karthick Iyer explored the world of both Carnatic and Western Violin Techniques to realise how much the two spectrums complement each other in holistically moulding a violinist. This learning was pivotal in leading him to develop a sound of his own – Indosoul, one that seeks to dissolve barriers, genres and cultures. He has also worked with artists such as A. R. Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, Susheela Raman and Raghu Dixit. A culmination of all this learning & performing over the last 20 yrs is Violin Technique with Karthick Iyer.