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We’re all about new. New excites us: new ideas, new technologies, new challenges, new markets, new ways to engage audiences-old and new. Every new brief is our chance to reinvent for Velocita Brand Consultants. To infuse fresh thinking and new perspectives into the media we use and the brands we work with. In the 12+ years since we came into existence, we’ve acquired 550+ clients, executed over 1800 projects and grown our headcount by geometric progression… and we’re just getting started. So, if you’re tired of the same old, same old, give us a call, and get ready for a whole new experience.


We help businesses engage with their audiences in meaningful and original ways, telling stories that capture the essence of their brands and bring them compellingly to life. Visit our portfolio page to view some of our success stories.


Does your marketing material live upto your vision? Does it communicate your brand promise… and give the reader a memorable experience? Does your digital material match your print design. Are they all consistent-in language, tone and design? Give your collateral a professional Velocita do-over, and see the difference it makes.


We help businesses turn their employees into brand advocates by bringing your brand’s vision, mission and values to life through purpose-crafted and on-going campaigns. Contact us for end-to-end strategies supported by compelling content and evocative designs—for online media, offline and BTL.


We understand the critical role UI & UX play in designing your web interface; which is why we begin every design process with exhaustive user research, which is analyzed and distilled into realistic user personas, scenarios and storyboards, before we even begin to create wire-frames. Our UI designers integrate great interaction, visual designs and information architecture, to deliver results that are equally rewarding for your visitors and your business.


We help brands resonate with their audience across all digital platforms with a customized approach. Connect with us to know how to power your digital dreams. Check out some of our digital success stories.


Are you all about shaping the infrastructure and interiors of your office in a way that it reflects your brand value and ethos? Do you want to enhance the look and feel of your workspace to better communicate your brand’s vision and mission statement? Talk to us for versatile office branding concepts that showcase everything that your company stands for.