VC Laboratories Pvt Ltd

VC Laboratories Pvt Ltd

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VC Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated,research based pharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to achieving highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that through our business we make a valuable contribution to the society by developing and marketing intermediates which intern help in producing medicines which improve peoples lives.

We are a trusted supplier of value-added advanced intermediates to generic as well as innovator companies. Strong chemistry skills and our emphasis on high quality leads our manufacturing facilities, producing and delivering safe, innovative and high quality intermediates.

VC Laboratories is committed to the manufacture of premium quality products in compliance with all regulatory requirements and customer expectations. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of supporting the product development. State of the art equipment and instruments give us the edge to compete globally. A team of experienced project managers ensure smooth progress of projects from initiation to closure in order to avoid any cost and time over runs.

The aim of VC Laboratories is to provide the society with superior products and services by developing innovations and solutions that improve the quality of life and satisfy customer needs, and to provide employees with good work and development opportunities.

We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality in everything we do to delight our customers.