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Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.

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Ruesdail Laboratories, Inc., is located in Irvine, CA. We are a diversified laboratory, focusing our efforts in four distinct areas – Product Certification, Environmental Testing, Drug Testing, and Nutraceutical Testing. The unique requirements of each area requires a panel of wide-ranging and experienced scientific experts, which provides Truesdail’s in-depth expertise and positions us to give the highest quality service to clients.

Truesdail Laboratories is a family-owned business with our three shareholders being grandchildren of our founder, Dr. Roger Truesdail. They are Dr. James Charley, Mr. William Charley, and Ms. Linda Hill, all of whom worked at Truesdail for many years in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Truesdail’s Board of Directors is comprised of our three shareholders, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ed Wilson, and an outside financial analyst, Ms. Janice O’Brien. The mix of their industry experience, hands-on history with Truesdail, and business acumen leads Truesdail confidently forward.

In 2015 Truesdail’s Board named Mr. Ed Wilson as CEO. Mr. Wilson is a laboratory veteran bringing more than 30 years of testing and laboratory operations experience to us. You can see the press release for his appointment here. Our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Randy Gates, manages Truesdail’s day-to-day business, marketing, and laboratory operations.

Truesdail’s history is important as it gives us the experience necessary to maintain our position as a scientific leader in the future. Truesdail’s personnel understand the three key components to our client’s satisfaction

Our experience not only allows us to focus our business around our client facing activities, but our development, quality, and ongoing customer service initiatives as well.

Truesdail is committed and invests heavily in scientific method development of new drugs of abuse in racehorses and nutraceuticals. This development ensures that we’re consistently adding new compounds into our routine screening libraries.

We regularly review and add accreditations critical to our clients. In 2014 Truesdail was among the first five labs in the U.S. to receive RMTC Accreditation. In 2015 we successfully completed the transfer from ANSI Guide 65 Certification to ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation. Truesdail completed Standards Council Canada (SCC) Accreditation in 2016.

Truesdail’s Client Services Team proactively works with our clients to obtain feedback, which enables us to improve and enhance our practices and services in each of the industries we serve. We redesigned our website in 2016 to add unique and improved tools aimed at augmenting client services, namely ClientConnect (it allows clients to access their reports on-line) and our Product Certification Department’s listing directory.