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Tattoo Empire India

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Tattoo Empire India was established to satisfy the ever growing need and much deserved demand of tattoo artist’s /studios everywhere, providing them with a one stop comprehensive solutions brand for quality instruments and supplies in their creations with indelible ink. Backed by years of experience and knowledge of machine reliability that is unmatched in the industry we combine knowledge, precision and the best materials to craft our distinctive equipments and offer services that yield improvements in a tattooists operations, productivity and profitability.

Products- Under the visionary guidance of our founder MR. Anu Singh, our company has grown stronger specializing in the manufacture and delivery of high quality yet affordable Tattoo guns, machine parts and accessories, tubes and grips, piercing supplies, studio supplies, medical & sterilization supplies, tattoo ink & accessories, needle & supplies etc. alongside our wide assortment of High Quality tattoo products, we offer OEM services for varied customization requirements. And to further give you the power of choice in your valuable selection we’ve introduced within the short history of our existence throughout the country some of the world’s biggest names in the tattoo supplies industry.

Quality- From the vintage green and black to the full color, bright work; no matter how elaborate or precise your creative out flow, through us you guarantee your clients not just a great tattoo but also a safer, caliber experience. Our quality control team works diligently to ensure that all our products are safe, sterile and functional before shipping. All our inks are FDA approved and pass the most stringent of tests for quality control and with our expertise, skill and progress having been poured into the development and improvements of our machines & supplies; factory direct or professionally sourced ensures the deliverance of the best quality and overall performance.

Infra and logistics- We stand behind everything we supply, giving you the freedom to choose quality products at affordable prices and through our extensive technical and logistics knowledge we provide the most innovative and competitive products. Amidst efficiently structured modern infrastructure facilities inclusive of production and warehousing we carry an edge over others in terms of pricing and quality offering products according to the client’s requirements and not the general mass productions. And as for imports that can take 15-20 days to arrive, our full range is stock ready to be delivered anywhere in the country. We make not just the procurements faster and safer we can offer maintenance facilities and services for the performance of components and systems delivered or deliverable. So with us you are never out of your supplies ever again.