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Sanyuga Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

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“Knowing us is very important for establishing trust, it empower the customers to know that there are real people and a real organization behind an otherwise virtual world”. Sanyuga Consultancy Pvt.Ltd is set up for the professional consultation of Legal Matters, Legal Compliances, Business Branding & fast growth, Employment Consultancy, Personal Branding and Digital Branding.

Sanyuga Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. is established for providing all consultancy services under one roof. Our experienced management team has worked with customers from both urban area and rural area, which helps us to make customized solution for the clients according to their need.
We are confident to support a large and varied client base including Individuals, commercial companies, Banks, Schools/Colleges, start-ups, and governmental and regulatory bodies.

Operations Consultancy : Operations consultants work closely with senior business executives to extract the most value from a business’s operations.

Financial Advisory Consultancy : Financial Advisors work closely with clients to provide financial advice and expertise specific to the individual company. And, the benefits are easy to grasp

Human Resources : The human resource consulting industry emerged from general management consulting to help companies address these more specific tasks and decisions

Career Coaching & Consultancy : For these individuals, it can be challenging to know which skills to develop and whether a career change is the right move.

Risk & Compliance : Enforcing compliance using RBI policies helps to detect and prevent any violation of governance, such as fraud, abuse, or discrimination.

Image Consultancy : Research shows that a person’s appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of their intelligence, financial success, trustworthiness, and authority.