Pune Biennale Foundation

Pune Biennale Foundation

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About Us

Pune Biennale Foundation is a Non-Government Not-for-Profit organization (a charitable company formed under section 8 of (Company’s Act) that works for bringing together art, architecture and design for enhancing visual aesthetics in public spaces. The donations made to the foundation are eligible for deduction under section 80G & 12A of the income tax act.

The Foundation aims to contribute in making a name for Pune on the global scenario while providing opportunities for creating a platform for artists to critically engage with public art and public spaces besides promoting local talent. The main objectives of the foundation are:

  • to provide an open platform for professionals related to art, design, architecture, and other cultural activities to exchange ideas regarding cultural development of the city,
  • to establish contact between art related organizations and facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and expertise within a global network of similar organizations,
  • to develop and implement the highest standards of art and cultural production,
  • to support interdisciplinary research and production of knowledge related to contemporary art and exhibitions around the world, and
  • to diffuse knowledge and promote public awareness of different forms of art and celebrating their diversity