PunchFit NZ Boxing Gym

PunchFit NZ Boxing Gym

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Established in 2016 as a boxing fitness class to help off-season boxers and local community kick start and continue their fitness journey. PunchFit NZ Boxing Gym founders John (Vaelei) Gatu, Ana Pereira and Naomi Foua all had a mission to help our local Pasifika and Maori community in the Hutt Valley be more active and be surrounded by a supportive community or like minded people.

At PunchFit Boxing NZ, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training at an affordable price. Our staff members at PunchFit NZ Boxing Gym are actively enriching the lives of our PunchFitters and creating a Community of like minded people who love being healthy, fitter and stronger physically and mentally. Getting you in shape and building confidence with-in a supportive and motivating environment is our goal.