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Pammvi Group of Companies

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Pammvi Belongs to diversified group having pan India presence with electrician microbiologist, technician, Sr. Sales head exceeding over 330 people pan India basis also had 1500 distributor and sub distributor combined in all division.

In order to aid and support all our clients, we have a robust network of partners. Creating a solid basis for our company’s future growth is something our team focuses on. Greatness and excellent quality aren’t just words that we believe in, they’re actions we take every day.

Each division has more than 1500 distributors and sub-distributors spread across more than 330 workers across India.

Because of this strategic positioning, Pammvi Group is now able to serve a wide range of industries in the new economy: pharmaceuticals, laboratories for food safety and petrochemicals and five-star hotels and multinational corporations in the building construction industry as well as in the oil and gas industry as well as in the plastics industry as well as in the textile and automotive industries.