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Lanka Ice Group of Companies took its first step of a long successful journey on 05 March 1987. Starting with block ice manufacturing, air-conditioning and refrigeration, the company has been successful in expanding product range by introducing flake ice and manufacturing. The well-established company today, provides great services to many industries.

Lanka Ice is not just a business; it is a part of our family. As such, its reputation and achievements are just as important as our own. We are deeply invested in our success, and therefore we are deeply invested in your satisfaction. We always respond in a professional and timely manner. Our team understands the needs and demands of our customers, and tailors our offerings to best suit them.

Mr. Clement Fernando, the Managing Director and professional board of directors who are specialised in strategic management, encompassed by members of long serving staff, who bring in exceptional industry experience to the company, leads the Lanka Ice Group of Companies to become the pioneer in commercial ice manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka.

Block Ice

This versatile product is used for purposes that include preventing food spoilage in outdoor locations and creating bases for decorative food service arrangements. Block ice is also used by ice sculptors as raw material. You can order crystal-clear blocks.

Flake Ice

Flake ice has the advantage over block ice of being relatively easy to use since it does not need crushing before use. Because it is slightly sub cooled during manufacture and can be packed well around fish, it may be more efficient in cooling fish than crushed block ice.

Snow Productions

You can enjoy a winter wonderland at any time of the year in Sri Lanka. Lanka Ice specializes in creating on-site snow scenes for events, commercial and civic center, and more. With our qualified staff ready to setup your winter wonderland with our state of the art technology.