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We at Jovil Universal are proud to present the following product catalog containing information on the most comprehensive line of toroidal coil winding equipment offered today. Our years of dedication have produced the most advanced and user-friendly machines,capable of satisfying the simplest to the most difficult toroidal applications. Jovil Universal’s customer service is just as important to us as the quality of the machines themselves. Our skilled service and engineering staff will never delay technical support. After you have purchased your Jovil Universal winding machine, you will be sure to find our post-sales service second to none.

To be certain that the equipment will produce coils to your satisfaction, we offer free sample winding. Along with the wound samples you will receive a complete winding evaluation including production rates and equipment cost. Thank you for the opportunity of servicing your toroidal production requirements. If there are any questions regarding the information contained in this catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TOROIDAL WINDING MACHINE : Our Toroidal winding machines are easy to operate and handle. They are micro-processor controlled and programmed with runtime software that makes your work easier. With the capabilities of the Automatic Toroidal Winding Machine it can greatly reduce the labor cost. A single operator can be task to handle 2 to 3 such machines at any one time.

WINDING HEADS : Our winding heads have various size and selection customized to meet different requirements for the coil size (OD, ID, and HT) & wire size. There might have difficulties for an automatic toroidal winding machine having to wind heavy wire size through small core inside diameters. With new Flat Belt winding heads, Jovil is capable of winding the heaviest wire size through the smallest core.

TAPING HEADS : It is gear driven, has interchangeable magazines with removable sector to accommodate various tape width. There is no requirement for changing of magazine drive pulleys for different size of the magazine. It is automatic tape cut off from the spool supply. There is various speed controls for loading and wrapping.

ROTATORS : It comes in different size to handle different core (maximum OD, minimum OD and core height). It is 3 point focus to adjust the coil to the desired positions before you secure and lock it to prevent it from moving. The core is able to rotate in bi directions as per customer requirements for the winding of the cores.

SHUTTLES, PULLEYS AND SLIDERS : We, at Jovil Universal Zhongshan Ltd, manufacture superior quality shuttles that fit any toroidal coil winding machines. Our shuttles deliver the highest yeild, without damaging your wires and budget. A dream come true for any coil winding production line. Jovil’s highly experience engineering team is also able to design custom shuttles to meet your specific requirements! We supply wide variety of shuttle pulleys and sliders that fit your toroidal winding machines.