IONIC Engineering Technology Pvt. Ltd.

IONIC Engineering Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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Ionic Engineering Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed ISO-9001/2008 company by people with over 35 years of hardcore experience in water and waste water treatment. Ionic is dedicated to the design, supply, service and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plant and equipment. The company was founded and managed by Mr. K V Raman, who has about 30 years of experience in water and waste water treatment. Mrs. Lalitha Iyer, the Director who is been working with Ionic for more than 7 years and taking care of General, Finance and Project Management. We provide a one-stop shop for integrated water and wastewater treatment needs, and focus on providing the optimum solution for every client’s need. Now it is 14 years since Ionic Engineering Technology Pvt. Ltd. started operations with the main focus on technology, quality and performance related to water and waste water treatment solutions. The single purpose was to “Remove Everything from Water – Except “Hydrogen & Oxygen“ and give customers “Peace of Mind” and not a “Piece of Equipment”. We wanted to make a difference to the way you treat water for your drinking water and process needs and hence say “We Treat water – Differently”

When we started, we did not want to be known just as another vendor or supplier and rather as a business partner and solutions provider who is interested in understanding correctly the end user requirement and offer a techno- economical value engineered right solution. In this, we have a selfish interest too! – Only in the customers well-being we can survive.

Water and waste water treatment is important. But more important is how efficiently water and waste water is being treated. The right question to ask is “What is the True Cost of Water? Water and waste water treatment is often taken for granted and technology, quality, performance, monitoring, operation and maintenance is ignored resulting in poor performance, repeated failures, high power consumption, high chemical cost, high maintenance and cleaning cost, wastage of water etc. Most of the time the management is not aware their pot is full of holes and their money is leaking like water! Unfortunately the management does not understand their profitability depends on efficient manufacturing operations and does not ask questions as to how efficient and sustainable their manufacturing process is.

With the ever increasing scarcity of water and stringent waste water discharge norms, many of us consider this as a serious problem and not as a good opportunity to clean up our act! Most of us talk about 3R’s – “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse” but do not know how and where to reduce, how and what to recycle and how and where to reuse! To get a solution to the above, isolated approaches does not help. What one has to adopt is an integrated step by step approach. Many a times we have seen non availability of water and waste water treatment disposable problems hampering the industrial operation including a threat of closure and hurdle for expansion. Non availability of potable water will lead to migration of human population as well as affect agriculture and industrial growth! If water is available it may be available at considerable cost and of poor quality requiring expensive and complicated treatment. Water is a utility like electricity and fuel, the more efficiently it is used, the more money is saved.