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Inside Out Wellness

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InsideOut Wellness is a place to relax, unwind and recharge. Specifically created to help people on their journey of holistic health and wellness. The centre is a place to feel calm, welcomed, nurtured and supported. Just for the health of it.

Our Services

Sauna : Set your own comfort level & temperature in your private sauna. Improve your inner & outer body with medical benefits including detox, weight loss & healing.

Float Therapy : Replace stress with deep peace & new brain wave modes with an effortless float in natural salts. Proven to alleviate depression & anxiety while enhancing your creativity.

Colon Hydrotherapy : Ultra personal and private, supervised with your own personally paced & guided therapy, experience this deep and hygienic cleanse. A key medical-grade step to your personal vitality.

Biomat : Experience bio-enhancing & regenerating Amethyst Crystal & Medium ‘Human’ Infrared rays that according to NASA research normalises your vital physiological functions.