Hotel Anand Van Bhuvan

Hotel Anand Van Bhuvan

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Hotel Anand Van Bhuvan – a 5 Acre resort with marvellous view of mahabaleshwar is a true “HOME Away From Home”. Hotel Anand-Van-Bhuvan is a place of past glory and prosperity of Mahabaleshwar. With XXX rooms, Cottages, it also offers various indoor and outdoor activities and exclusive large areas on manicured lawns for kids.

Welcome to Mahabaleshwar – The land of Lord Shiva, origin of 5 beautiful Rivers and Fresh Strawberries. Mahabaleshwar is the most loving and calm of all hill stattions and highest point in western Maharashtra. Dark Green cover over deep Forest and Valleys are spread across miles. Wake up to the tunes of chirping birds and Golden Sun-rise with whispering breeze. Mahabaleshwar is located close to Mumbai and Pune at a driving distance.

Hotels like Anand-Van-Bhuvan have tried to maintain the past glory and prosperity of Mahabaleshwar. Anand-Van-Bhuvan, a home away from home, 7 kms from the main city, is standing calmly in the arms of nature. Surrounded by Mahabaleshwar Temple on one side, and mountains and valleys on the other three, is a point of attraction. Once a person visits here, he is compelled to visit again due to its glory. This hotel reflects the beauty of Mahabaleshwar and it is here one can enjoy the pleasures and miracles of nature.

Over the time, from British to modern India, Mahabaleshwar has adopted culture and technology. Mahabaleshware tourism is nontheless restricted to india and invite people from across miles and countries. Wide and clean roads, Greenery all over; Simple dormataries to luxury Hotels, restaurants, peaceful and loving citizens. Mahabaleshwar is all about memories and freshness. Beautiful and breadthtaking views of valley, Mahabaleshware is praised by all for its beauty.