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Goana Foods, Some of the finest pickles, marinades, coconut vinegars, canned and cold meats that you see in the supermarkets are manufactured by us.In fact we are pioneers of some Goan products. Goa is a unique blend of native and portuguese cultures and is reflected in its cuisine. Today we have over 100 products on counters and selling all over the world. The uniqness of the products being ingredients like the coconut vinegar matured for over a year which lends a distinct taste and the native Goan dry chilli found only in this part of the country is synonymous to the Goan taste.

We are pioneers in the production of fish pickles like prawn pickle, prawn balchao, prawn Molho, squids pickle, mackerel pickle etc… all types of vegetable pickles. Marinades for fish, meat and vegetables like the famous Portuguese masalas, Recheado masala, cafreal masala, vindaloo paste for meat, sorpotel paste and a wide varieties. You can find all our varieties in the price list.

We also provide our services to hotels, canteens, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, retail outlets and also a direct to home service to individuals. Individuals prefer our online shopping at www.goanafoods.com which is a famous portal generating at least a 500 orders a day to various destinations. Where in we provide delivery anywhere in India, thereby saving their precious time and cost.

A masala like Cafreal or Recheado, which normally takes a day or two to make, A pickle for instance like mackerel molho, or king fish, Bombil, the fish has to be cleaned, cut and marinated for about a week, we can provide over the counter and at half the rate at which it would cost them. Considering the labor cost, it is normally not feasible even for a hotel to make these in house. In fact we have been supplying to some 5 star hotels for a couple of years now maintaining the highest standards of quality as well as the Goa authenticity.

Every one knows that Goan pickles and masalas use only Coconut vinegar to maintain the originality, We only use Coconut vinegar which is matured for at least one year here at our factory. We also do not use any artificial colors and preservatives and agino-moto. We do not believe in shortcuts especially in the food business. This attitude has helped us in gaining a vast popularity, not only in Goa, but in countries like Portugal, United states, united kingdom, Canada, Australia. We get a lot of enquiries from these countries. Some of the people especially come to our factory to take these products abroad

Over the years Goana foods® has been recognized as a trusted brand by millions of house wives and busy executives for their ease in using their masalas and tasty pickles. You do not have to add anything not even oil and salt, just put in your favorite vegetable or fish or meat and its done


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  • Syrups
  • Canned Fish
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