Goalpara College

Goalpara College

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It was the 8th August, 1955 when Goalpara College came into existence as a night college under the Principalship of late Wajuddin Ahmed, M. Sc., B. L. with six lecturers and 22 students. Before the date mentioned, the undivided Goalpara District had only one Degree College at Dhubri, the then District Headquarters situated on the north bank of Brahmaputra. Owing topoverty, poor communication system and other socio-economic problems the aspirant youths ofthe very remote places of the south bank of the Brahmaputra were not able to get themselvesadmitted to the said college. Moreover, it was simply impossible to cater to the needs of a large number of the aspiring youths of a district so large in size extending from Guwahati to the Western border of the East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

With the unstinting support and guidance of late Khagendranath Nath, the then M.L.A. of Goalpara and Social activist, a group of sympathetic and enthusiastic people dedicated themselves for establishing a college on the south bank of Brahmaputra and because of their relentless endeavour, and indomitable spirit ultimately, this under graduate college was established in Goalpara town. With the co-operationand financial help of the generous people of the locality, soon there was a permanent structure ofthe college building to make it a full-fledged institution of higher education of the district of Goalpara on the south Bank of Brahmaputra in 1959. It was brought under the Deficit Grants-in–Aid system in 1962.

When the college began to receive the deficit grants-in-aid from the Govt.and got a little over the financial constraints, the same group of enthusiastic people under tookanother bold venture of opening the Science stream. As a result the Science faculty wasintroduced in 1966 and was brought under the deficit grant-in-system in 1974. Since then, both the faculties have been flourishing and attracting large number of students from various parts of the state and even from the neighbouring state and during the last academic Session i.e., 2014-15 the college enrolled more than two thousand students into its different courses. The college has been brought under the provisions of Assam College Employees (Provincialization) Act, 2005 with effect from December 2005.