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About Us

FOCUS I APPAREL (FIA) is a ministry/business that seeks to minister to the world through inspirational apparel. No matter where we are in our lives or who we are, there will always be an urgent need for us to direct our FOCUS towards our relationship with God. FOCUS was created to help you (and me!) do just that.

One of my biggest challenges is giving into distractions. That is why I have gravitated towards FOCUS. I needed something to keep me motivated, something to keep me inspired, and something to keep me FOCUSed on God’s Word and my ever growing relationship with God. I created this tool to aid me on my spiritual journey and want to share it with you. FIA provides another way for us to remember God’s Word and purpose for our life. FOCUS is an acronym to remind us that when we are FOCUSed, we are Faithful, Obedient, Christ-Like, Unwavering, and Steadfast.

Featured Products

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