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Introduce various organic growth products for agricultural purpose. The products are organic and very effective in development of plant physiology. Fare care company’s motto is ”BLOOMNESS FARMING TO EVOLUIONARY FARMING”. These products specially working on phyoto physiological process of plant. These products are useful right from seeding to post harvesting of crop.These products show very fast results.

Shalaka : Shalaka is proflecticide ,resistive to blight, downymildew ,wilt, purple bloss,bunching top,leaf curl,rust etc. Shalaka is made up of organic material.It enhances oxidation process in the plant effectively. Agewise regulation in the crop growth so plants healthy and disease free.This product Is very useful for vegetables, horticulture,floriculture& bulbous vegetables etc.

Renu-B : The effect of this product is formation& deep penetration of roots, so that stored nutrient in deep layer shall be made available to the crop. Due to this action plants survive effectively in adverse climatic condition .This product is very useful for vegetables, horticulture,floriculture& bulbous vegetables,medicinal plants also.

Rachak : Rachak helps in enhancing the enzymes like desolyzing and hydrolyzing . Due to the Rachak the percentage of chlorophyl and zyantophyll increases in the plants. Rachak is useful for all agricultural crops.

Fulora : Fulora develops vernal and foliage in adverse climatic condition. Fulora helps to boom flowering stage of plant.Fulora is useful for all agricultural crops.

Renu-A : Renu-A is very much useful in adverse condition to increase the colour pigments, so Renu-A gives natural pretty to plant. Renu-A increases preservation of stored crop. Renu-A is useful for agricultural ,floriculture, oil-seeds& cereals etc.

Urvara : Urvara is boosting product in adverse ecological condition, it shows good development in vegetative& productive growth. It increases size& core of fruit. Urvara is useful for all agricultural crop.

Shashwat-Plus : Shashwat-plus is extract of herbal plant & is tonic to plant. Stimulate dose of shashwat-plus enhances the vegetative & productive growth of plant by making available all required nutrients , hormones to the plants. It use to maintain soil pH. It can be supplemented through soil due to which storage stock of nutrients are available to the crops. It is useful to all agricultural crops.

Sakar : Sakar is made from medicinal plants . sakar is reflecting& removing nematodes; keeps the crops nematodes free and virus free. It can be used by flow spray or through soil. Sakar is useful for vegetables, horticulture, oil-seeds& pulses.

Sanjeevani : Sanjeevani contains humic & fulvic organic acid. Sanjeevani helps in formation of roots & its deep penetration in short period.sanjeevani is useful for all agricultural crops.

Supikta : Supikata is useful in increasing carbon percentage in plants & maintaining stable C:N ratio so that in adverse ecological condition sufficient carbon available to the horticultural crops in very short time & hence quality &quantity of the yield increases.

Buland : Buland is made from seaweed i.e.”Alginate” .Buland is supporting to all agricultural crops. To give us standard growth &yield of the crop.This product is useful for all crops.

Kaolin : Kaolin is regulating anti transpiration phenomenon.Kaolin is effective to stop the loss of nutrients.So the crop growth give stuffness & extend the preservative period of the crop. Kaolin is useful for vegetables,horticulture,floriculture,oil-seed& pulses.