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At Eteco Inc. we strive to deliver exceptional, consistent, reliable products and solutions. We consistently deliver high quality off the shelf formulations but where we excel is creating modified and custom formulations to achieve the specific results and meet the demands of your toughest projects. We take great pride in our team of formulators and chemists who apply decades of problem solving knowledge, expertise and experience to customize solutions that help make your projects run smoother, easier and yield consistent expected results. Eteco, Inc. employees strict quality control protocols that ensure our materials remain consistent from batch to batch.We like to think of ourselves as a relationship company. Eteco, Inc. prides itself in maintaining a strong connection with you our customer.

Our goal is to make sure your needs are satisfied every step of the way. From introduction of your project to its completion, Eteco, Inc. will provide responsive customer service, advice and follow through. Our continuous R&D and dedicated sales team will partner with you to ensure that you will always have the best solution.


  • Flexible Pour Foam
  • Rigid Pour Foams
  • RIM & Cast Elastomers
  • Spray Coatings
  • Spray Rigid Foam
  • Packaging Pour Foam