Creative Engineers, Madras

Creative Engineers, Madras

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About Us

Creative is an OEM supplier and pioneer in the manufacture of RAPILINK self sealing couplings.valve fittings and allied technology products sale at creative engineers company.

Creative Engineers (M) is a manufacturer of self-sealing couplings under the popular brand name RAPILINK™. Our product lines are used in flow lines for transferring variety of fluids at different temperatures and pressures. Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Special-purpose couplings are the different segments we cater too.

We also manufacture check valves, non-return valves, grease fitting assembly and swivel joints. Pioneers in the field with over 30 years of expertise, Creative services the premium market in industry verticals like Automobile, Space, Defense, Railways and Engineering Organizations to name a few.


  • OEM and single source supplier to a giant automotive company in India exporting to several countries
  • Quick turnaround from prototype design to mass production
  • Highly experienced design team
  • Long standing relationship and repeat orders from large organisations
  • NS series of quick connect couplings an industry standard
  • Patent pending seal designs to ensure long life of couplings