Cluster One Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd

Cluster One Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd

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About Us

We work in a team. We share ideas and are receptive to ideas. We are more hands-on than academic. We love to build things that we create. Studio for us was as much fun as working with brick and concrete or getting our hands soiled in the workshop. We have a way with machines. Our workplace is now a paperless studio. We love ideating on old newspapers or back of envelope sketches. We have 10 workstations and we are growing.
We produce strategy masterplans, product prototypes and designed spaces. The services we offer are:

Product / Industrial Design

Product Development and Design, Packaging, Prototyping, Engineering Drawings and Production. Our area of specialization includes Product Ergonomics, Interface Design, Mass Production Branding and Marketing Collaterals.

Built Environment – Architecture / Interior Design

We design buildings and the spaces enclosed within. Our Architecture and Interior Design services include, Design, Working Drawings, Realistic Renders, Animation, Material Selection and Site Supervision. We also undertake construction projects on turn-key basis.

Open Spaces – Landscape Architecture

We offer landscape development consultancy for projects of regional scale to that of public and personal use. Our Landscape development services include, Reagional Landscape development masterplans, Earthwork and layout, Planting Design schemes, Signage Schemes, Urban Outdoor Furniture, Kiosks and Bus Stop Shelters, Urban Lighting Schemes, Water Bodies, Fountains, irrigation plans, Waste Management and Landscape Conservation plans.

Design Methodology

Design is the strategy that lays the premise for the making of any object or system. The final product of this process can be anything from products to graphical user interfaces to buildings and open spaces. All design process at a fundamental level are similar. It involves a systematic approach in which art and the sciences come together towards achieving stated objectives. The thought process involved is rational as well as intuitive at the same time. However it requires skill, training, and exposure to channalize the thought process towards the stated objectives. Nature of the final object also involves the use of specific tools, technologies and resources.