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The History of Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q

Fantastic barbecue is what we do! Knowing the history of our restaurant will help you know why we value our food and our community. We work to provide the best tasting BBQ for those who live in Florence or for those who have simply come to visit. Read more about our history below. 

Family-Owned and Operated Business 

Our owner, Malcolm Cole, took over to carry the legacy of his father, John Cole alongside his mother, Rosie Cole. His memories of being at Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q represent his willingness to work, even at a young age. Malcolm has worked at the restaurant ever since he was a young boy. 

Once his father passed, he vowed to continue running the restaurant. He even works alongside his brother, Dwight, and other family members to make the family’s special slaw. Malcolm has always wanted to continue the legacy of his family and remember his father for who he was as a civic-minded man. 

At Bunyan’s Bar-B-Que, we believe in family and look forward to catering to other families within our community.