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Biesse offers a complete range of high quality, value rich machines that are a wise investment for any growing business. Our new user friendly, heavy-duty machines are designed to bring cutting edge technology, excellent performance and an incredible value to you, our customer. From CNC Routers and Edgebanders to Drilling Machines and Saws, our goal is to deliver the high quality product that Biesse is known for around the world at an affordable price to help you realize your production goals. Our Products :

CNC Routers : Rover J CNC Router, Biesse Klever CNC Router, Biesse Skill G FT CNC Router, Biesse Skill G FT CNC Router and Nested Base Cell, Biesse Rover A G FT CNC Router and Nested Based Cell, Biesse Rover BG FT CNC Router, Rover BG FT NBC Nested Based Cell – CNC Router, Biesse Excel M, Biesse Excel TS Multi-head Router. CNC Machining Centers

Biesse Rover K CNC Machining Center, Rover BG CNC Machining Center, Biesse Rover A CNC Machining Center, Biesse Rover C 6.40/9.40, Biesse Uniline CNC Machining Center, Biesse Uniwin.

CNC 5 Axis Solid Wood : Biesse Rover A 5-Axis Machine, Biesse Rover BG 5 Axis CNC Machine, Biesse Rover C 5-Axis CNC Machine.

CNC Contour Banders : Biesse Rover A Edge CNC Contour Bander, Biesse Rover C Edge CNC Edgebanding Machine.

Edgebanders : Spark 4.3 Edgebander, Spark 3.3 Edgebander, Spark 4.8 Edgebander, Spark 5.8 Edgebander, Akron 1310 Edgebander, Akron 1320 Edgebander, Akron 1330 Edgebander, Akron 1340 Edgebander, Biesse Akron 425 Edgebander, Akron 1430 Edgebander, Biesse Akron 1435 Edgebander, Biesse Akron 1440 Edgebander, Biesse Akron 1445 Edgebander, Roxyl Edgebander, Biesse Stream B1 Single-sided Edgebander, Biesse Stream B1 Soft Edgebander, Biesse Stream SB Double-sided Edgebander, Airforce System – Hot Air Banding.

Sliding Table Saws : Active S400.

CNC Panel Saws : Selco Sektor 450 Panel Saw, Selco Sektor 470 Panel Saw, Selco 6 Series Panel Saw, Selco 7 Series Panel Saw, 4 Series Twin Pusher.

Drilling and Doweling : Elix B Bore and Dowel Machine, Skipper V31 Drilling Machine, Biesse Skipper 100 Drilling Machine, Biesse Skipper 130 Drilling Machine, Bre.Ma EKO 902, Bre.Ma Vektra, Bre.Ma Krono Vertical Through-Feed Machine.

Wide Belt Sanders : S211 VN Wide Belt Sander, S211 SW Wide Belt Sander, Viet S1 Wide Belt Sander, Viet S2 Wide Belt Sander, Viet Opera 5 Wide Belt Sander, Viet S3 Wide Belt Sander, Viet Opera 7 Wide Belt Sander, Viet Valeria Wide Belt Sanders, Viet Brush Solutions.

Material Handling : RBO Winstore.

Software : BiesseWorks, bSolid Innovative Software.

Search by Application : Edgebanding, Panel Sizing, Drilling, Nesting, Sanding and Finishing.