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We live in times of paradigm shifts, times that urge us to rethink, restructure, and transform our individual lives, our families, communities, and the world at large. We are called to live more consciously, with greater purpose, joy and creativity. We are called to embrace well-being on all levels – body, heart, mind and spirit. We are called to nurture our souls. We are called to transform.

Many tools, practices and teachings lead to transformation. For some of us, yoga accelerates our growth and sense of well-being. For others breathwork and meditation are the keys. A safe container like a women’s circle may lead to profound healing and breathroughs for some. And for others still, diving deep into self-discovery through journaling and creative expression is what we need at this point in our lives.

We envision Aum as a place where you can discover your set of tools that work best for you. Our mission is to provide you with a serene and beautiful environment, the best teachers and practices, and a community of like-minded conscious individuals that can support your transformation into a life that truly fulfills you on all levels. At Aum, yoga is just the beginning. Transformation is our ultimate goal.