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About Us

Anamet Europe BV is a specialist in the field of flexible hoses for the transfer of fluids and gases as well as conduit systems for the protection of electrical cables.

As a part of Anamet Inc. we are able to service and support our customers worldwide with our specialism and solve all sorts of technical problems with the installation and protection of hoses, piping and cables in a variety of applications. As a manufacturer of these systems we are not only able to supply the necessary components but are also able to deliver assembled products fully in accordance with your specifications. For 75 years we have supplied flexible hose systems into steelworks, power plants, machine builders, trains, automotive, oil & gas, military and food equipment. This experience and our drive to work closely together with our customers to find the optimum solution to their needs has made us a specialist in flexible hose connections.


By the implementation of a quality system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015 we do not only assure that our products fully comply to your requirements, but also that we are continuously working to improve our internal processes and service levels to enable us to satisfy your highest demands.Our manufacturing facility is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our production conforms to the latest standards and is executed by highly qualified personnel. We are certified to the European PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) for the production of hoses used in the transportation of fluids and gasses. To assist you in making the right choice from our program of conduit systems all of our protective hoses have been tested and classified to the International standard NEN-EN-IEC 61386. By using this classification it is easy to select the conduit system that conforms to your requirements. The correct selection is of highest importance for the continuity of your processes!


Do you have a problem in the field of flexible connections? Be sure to make the right choice, not by simply selecting a supplier, but by selecting the right “partner”. Choose for Anamet Europe BV. A team of well trained and enthusiastic engineers is waiting to assist you. By using Computer Aided Design in combination with the various research- and test methods in our laboratory, we will jointly define the best solution to your problem.

Production facilities

In our production facility in Amsterdam we have the availability of a wide range of production- and test equipment. We can provide mechanical machining such as cutting, rolling, grinding, winding, braiding, drilling and turning but also connecting techniques such as TIG- and MIG welding, spot welding, gluing, soldering and crimping. With our qualified production workers we are able to manufacture and supply the full range of metal hoses according to customer specifications. Whether these are large series of standard hoses for the building and construction industry or highly qualified single hoses for specialist applications in the petrochemical industry, in diameters from 1/4″ up/incl. 14″, in stainless steel, bronze or monel; we stand ready to serve you. Besides this it is good to know that every metal hose assembly is tested before leaving the factory, on leakage but on demand also on strength. From simple testing with nitrogen under water till vacuum testing with Helium gas for monel hoses. In every possible situation we can guarantee the integrity and quality of our products.


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  • Heat Protection Products
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