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We Are Flexible Enough In Making Any Customize Size Of Lamination Films. Since, We Have This Facility Of Art Where We Can Provide You Any Size Of Roll, In Any Required Length In Meters. Our In House Slitting Machine Provides An Accurate Length As Well As Precise Symmetry Layered Form.

Be a leading company in India for all types of lamination films , speciality lamination films , Lamination Adhesives , UV Coatings , Speciality Inks , Speciality Papers etc… and the most preferred lamination film supplier over the globe for providing innovative, productive, cost-effective, optimized, and eco-friendly solutions with maximum values and satisfaction.

Our Products

  • Bopp Thermal Film (Gloss)
  • Bopp Thermal Film (Matte)
  • Silky Matte Film (Thermal)
  • Polyester Thermal Film (High Gloss)
  • Polyester Clear Film
  • Golden Metallized Film (Thermalgvi & Wet)
  • Colored Metallized Film In Gloss & Matte
  • 3D Lens Film (Thermal & Wet)
  • Holographic Films (Thermal & Wet)
  • Velvet Film / Soft Touch (Thermal & Wet)
  • Texture Film
  • Anti Scuff Film / Scratch Resistant (Thermal & Wet)
  • Decorative Films (Thermal & Wet)
  • Metallised Film (Wet) (Paper Pate /dona Patta)
  • Metallised Film Wet (Offset Printable Grade)
  • Bopp Lamination Film (Wet)
  • PVC Lamination Film (Wet)
  • Biodegredable Film
  • Digital Transparent Sheets
  • Lamination Adhesives
  • Window Patching Film
  • Sparkle Films (Glitter & Wire Designs)
  • Cast And Cure Films
  • Cold Foil
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • UV Coatings
  • Speciality Inks
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Metalized Board
  • Speciality Papers