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A Division of WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd.

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About Us

Wisdom Solutions – A Division of WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. is a global transformation enterprise focused on Corporate Training, Public Workshops,  ​Personal  Coaching and Educational Transformation. The basic premise of Wisdom Solutions is ‘Applied Wisdom Training’. This is done in the form of finding the missing links, challenging the wrong beliefs and breaking myths. It’s a break away from the routine communications, leadership or productivity workshops to produce lasting transformation. 

Our clients include marquee brands such as Bajaj, GM, Fiat, Maruti, Cognizant, Mahindra, Hudco, Yamaha, NTPC, IIT Delhi, etc. Our four main focus areas are highlighted below:

Corporate Training
We offer solutions for organizational transformation in the areas of team building, improved productivity, better communication, managing talent, etc. Unique programs for employees include Family Harmony, Managing Brilliant Minds and Customized Solutions. 

Public Workshops
We offer solutions for individual transformation in the areas of Mind Power, English Communication, Money Growth,  etc. Holistic workshops include The Happy Thoughts Foundation Course and the 7 Keys Course. 

Individual Coaching
We offer results coaching to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Our certified coaches work on an one on one basis to provide Enterprise Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, etc.

Educational Transformation
We offer programs for teachers, students and parents to bring out a revolution in education.  Unique programs include Interviews and Group Discussion, Study Smarter Not Harder, etc.