Textile Development Foundation

Textile Development Foundation

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Textile Development Foundation(TDF) established in 1996 is a leading assosciation of textile manufacturers in Solapur. TDF is proud to be instrumental in bringing various technical changes in Solapur Textile Industry. We have been successful in safeguarding Solapur Terry Towels & Solapur Chaddars under Geographical indication Registry by obtaining G.I.No.8 for chaddars & G.I.No.9 for Terry Towels.

Our Activities

  • For the first time in solapur Yarn Exhibition arranged by TDF. The Purpose of this exhibition to understand all kinds of yarn to all solapur Textile Manufacturers.
  • TDF has successfully registered our main products like Jacquard Chaddars and Jacquard Terry Towels under global Intellectual Property Rights (ITPR) regime and obtained Geographical Indications registry’s GI No. 8 for Chaddars and GI No.9 for Terry Towels
  • TDF organized arranged unique training program for Dyeing & Weaving management
  • TDF organized special marketing surveys to find out end user (consumer) reviews for solapur chaddars & towels.
  • TDF organized various types of sports tournaments, for exchange of thoughts & sportive environments between all manufacturers.
  • TDF has taken successful collective price hike initiative for Chaddars & Towels.
  • TDF arranged Study tour to understand new technology development in textile industry at CTF NMIMS College Campus, Shirpur, Dhule.
  • TDF taken initiative for participation of woman entrepreneurs arranged special discussion forum
  • TDF organized special seminar for Accounting, tax planning & GST by CA shri. Arvind Shankur
  • TDF organized Seminar on International Innovative Marketing Techniques by Shri. Jagat Shah.

Our Achievements

  • TDF introduced Solapur Textile Directory with the information of all textile industrialists, suppliers & allied business for the first time in the history of solapur textile industry in 1998
  • TDF arranged powerloom workers training program first time in solapur to overcome the shortage of workers in 1998
  • First industrial visit to south india through which many improvements took place in solapur textile industry
  • Rajesh Goski, a small industrialist with 12 looms achieved the ISO certification first time in the history of solapur textile industry in 2003
  • Textile commissioner RCM Reddy impressed a lot with TDF’s activities and took lot of initiative for funding through TCIDS scheme
  • TDF tried to find different diversified textile products , value addition to our chaddar & terry towel in collaboration with NIFT, Mumbai
  • TDF started textile testing centre to enhance the knowledge of textile industrialists which helped to control the malpractice from suppliers