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Nirmala Sewani is one of the Top astrologers in Jaipur, Gurgaon NCR. She Specialises in Palm Reading, Vastu Vigyan, Numerology. Book Appointment Online. Reading the sound waves in Your voice I access Your past to understand the present and assist in aligning Your future. I am delighted to offer you 40 years of insight, astrology, healing and practical wisdom for everyday situations and conscious living.

Nirmala Sewani is guiding people through their journey brings purpose and immense Joy, nourishing every aspect of my being. Through hundreds of personal interactions, I have lived a life filled with precious moments. Relationships, Traumas, Pain, Anger, Illness, Self-destructive behaviour, and Anxiety are some common areas I support with… mainly through intense healing and counselling. I look forward to meeting you soon so together we can discover your map in understanding Your purpose and pathways to infinite joy.

Taster Sessions: This is a great opportunity for a warm-up conversation. Phone in with your date of birth. Ask two direct questions or simply receive the information I pick up in the ripples of your voice.

Full Consultation Session : Dive deeper to understand how your past meets your present and affects your future. I offer you sign posts and maps into self-discovery. Gathering the vibrations in your voice, I compliment them with mature inference, intuitive insight, and astrology in order to facilitate your true expansion. Let us understand your dilemmas, unleash Your highest potential and allow progress in life through time-tested remedies.

Empowering Path finding Sessions for Young Adults/Teens : In today’s challenging environments, immense pressure on young people closes doors at a stage when life calls out to explore, create and express freely. The process to understanding your path and taking independent decisions takes time and patience. I am delighted to support you in the most crucial years of your development. Let me guide you with maps, show you a new direction, and encourage you to follow your own path and sense of freedom. I will listen to your voice and reveal what it says.

Yagya Healing : Yajurved literally means the knowledge of Fire ceremonies. It elaborates on a profound concept – ‘nothing in creation is born or destroyed. It changes form and structure in ratio.’ Any such fire ceremony intensifies with the active participation of five scientific aspects – sound, light energy, speed and ratio, facilitating the manifestation of desired change.

Meditation Healing : On repeated requests from friends and clients, I finally share with You a part of my personal journey into Silence. I will hold your hand and gently guide You to the threshold of your inner being. So that in time… You may access the depth of Your divinity and wisdom.