Nextek, Inc.

Nextek, Inc.

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We are a high-quality, full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider located in the United States. Our culture of zero tolerance for errors is the foundation of everything we do, every day, for every client – including a four-eyes principle for any especially critical process. For over 20 years, Nextek has been a recognized leader in the U.S. for small to mid-volume production and high-mix production runs. Our products are used in devices that require minimal risk of failure, such as:

What We Do

  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Utility
  • High-end Industrial
  • Energy
  • Military
  • High-quality Commercial
  • Various other mission or business models where a minimum risk of failure is required

Our product quality is achieved by using one of the most sophisticated labs and engineering departments in the EMS industry. All of our clients benefit from Nextek’s intrinsic quality and extremely competitive services.